We are Anjali Plastics (5073, rui mandi sadar bazar delhi – 06) . we established in May 2005.

We have huge numbers of products and we provide household goods all over India and other countries like : Mauritius, UAE, Malaysia, and many more countries.

About anjali plastics

we have a huge range of all kinds of plastic products how relates with houses like plastic tub, bucket, basket, flower pots, and etc. we provide goods (since 2005).

We can easily provide you multiple rage products and there starting from just Rs 4/ pc only. if, anybody interested in these products please contact me through WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. we can reply to you as soon as possible. We can trade nation and international both.

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Some Products like:-

  1. plastic mug
  2. plastic soap case
  3. plastic basket
  4. plastic bucket
  5. plastic stool